The Estate


Tommasi passion for wine and desire to discover and select the very best in Italian winemaking have taken us to Puglia. Around 80 hectares of land have been purchased in Manduria, in the Salento area, one of the finest zones for the cultivation of the Primitivo grape, where viticulture has extremely ancient origins, dating  back to the time of Magna Graecia.

The property, which lies about 6 km from the Ionian coast, also includes a manor house called “Masseria” dating back to the early 1900s, a typical complex of agricultural buildings which originally acted as an organizational  centre for all of the farming operations. After been refurbished the Masseria is today housing a winery of 700 sqm complete with vinification and maturation facilities.

I Vigneti

55 hectares of vineyards + 25 hectares to be planted

Soil made up of limestone and clay

Guyot system with 5.500 vines/hectar

The vines are planted using the Guyot training system, with a plant density of 5.500 vines/ha. The vineyards are designed so as to fit perfectly into their surroundings: the vines are supported by wooden stakes at the head of each row, and by galvanized iron posts along their length. An irrigation system exists, but it is only used in periods of extreme drought.The soil in this area is limestone-based: it is very fertile and permeable, as well as being cool and a reddish ochre in colour due to its iron content.

Le Uve

Primitivo: 30 Ha

Negramaro: 5 Ha

Fiano: 10 Ha

Cabernet Sauvignon: 5 Ha

Chardonnay: 5 Ha

55 hectares were planted with Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vines. The premium fruit required is obtained as a result of strict clonal selection, modern vine training systems, and severe pruning, in order to produce a small amount of high quality wines with respect for terroir and tradition.


From the foundation in 1902,
the company has grown over the decades.
When the 4th generation of the family started to be involved,
the company launched “Tommasi Family Estates project”,
a major investment program dedicated to the acquisition
of lands best suited for wine grapes:
Valpolicella Classica, Doc areas of Verona, Prosecco in Treviso,
Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy, Montalcino and Maremma in Toscana,
Manduria in Puglia

Each Estate has got its own history and identity.
Tommasi Family promises quality and excellence.