Manduria is a town in the province of Taranto in Puglia.

It is located in the northern Salento and it is equidistant from Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce; hence the national motto:
Salento has a Heart“.
Manduria is also known as “City of the Primitivo“.

The territory of Manduria covers an 18 km long coastline.
In it flows the river Chidro , the most important river of Salento, included in ” Natural Reserve of the Eastern Coast Tarantino”. It is said that Saint Peter while gathered in penitence crossed the Chidro crying of his great fault: he had betrayed Jesus and his tears would be transformed into shells.

Manduria enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with hot, long and dry summers, mitigated by the sirocco wind and mild winters with little rainfall.
Manduria is located in a fertile and extensive territory, occupied by a dense network of rustic villas and farms.
The area is intensively cultivated with vineyards and olive groves that produce oils and wines, including the famous “Primitivo di Manduria DOC”.

The Salento Peninsula is in the most south-easterly part of Italy and it lies in the most southern part of the Region of Puglia, between the Brindisi coast, the Gulf of Taranto.

It encompasses just under 6,000 square kilometres (2,300 sq.mi.) It is surrounded by the sea, giving it a coastline that is well over 250 km. (155 miles) long.

It is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, right on the “border” between the Occident and the Orient, so that one can watch the sun rise from the eastern shore that looks out over the Adriatic Sea, and also see it set from the western (Ionian) shore.

It has, over the centuries, developed a singular “mix” of western and oriental cultures and traditions, which is to be found in its mansions, its churches and its characteristic fortified Masserie, as well as in the beautifully ornate buildings, expressions of the style of Lecce Baroque.
Indeed, all of these elements tell the story of the various civilizations that  succeeded each other and exerted their influence over this far-flung corner of Italy until only a short time ago.